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Relaxation Sessions
Using Hypnosis to enhance relaxation and well-being

Our lives can be so busy at times that we just keep going to the detriment of our body and mind as we put our well-being at the bottom of our list of things to do! These sessions allow you the space just for you and uses hypnosis which gently guides you into a deeply relaxed state.

Stress can be lowered and a sense of calm and control is restored to our lives with a feeling of being refreshed and revitalised. Relaxation is an essential part of survival and good health and with regular practice we can feel the benefits long after our relaxation sessions have finished.

The sessions may also provide:- 

  • Information on simple relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and self- hypnosis techniques
  • A relaxation CD, to use at home.

These strategies can be effective in lowering stress, raising mood and improving sleep. Please see information below for an excerpt of a relaxing CD.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be likened to a state of relaxed, focused awareness, which most people experience every day. This trance state is experienced when a person becomes deeply relaxed and highly focused, for example, when daydreaming, going for a run or watching a good movie. You will be guided into this relaxed state by listening to the sound of my voice and you will be aware of everything around you. You are in complete control and can leave this state whenever you wish.

You will firstly be guided through a simple relaxation of the body, before being taken on a healing journey of visualisation. You may be guided through a wonderful garden, a beautiful beach, or mountain, enabling you to enjoy being in a deeply peaceful place. My words are always positively orientated and may include words for raising confidence and self-esteem, together with what is appropriate for each individual.

As clinical hypnotherapist Sjanie Hugo says “When we enter a state of hypnosis, the parasympathic nervous system is activated, giving rise to the relaxation response. This response works in opposition to the fight or flight response and counteracts the body’s physical and emotional response to stress, allowing it to return to a calm balanced state. Simply being in the state of hypnosis will create physiological changes that reduce stress and its negative impact on health and well-being”. 

“Another added benefit of hypnotic relaxation, is that is reduces emotional arousal such as anger or fear. Relaxation, reduces the arousal giving us access to our higher rational abilities. It is for this reason that we are more likely to gain perspective and reach new insight and understanding while in a hypnotic state”, written by clinical hypnotherapist, Sjanie Hugo. 

Relaxation sessions can help with:-

  • Lowering stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help with sleep
  • Raise mood
  • Raise confidence and self-esteem
  • Gain new perspectives

Most people describe hypnosis as being extremely pleasant and deeply relaxing, giving them a feeling of well-being. 

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Nikki Hutchinson


"Nikki is wonderful and so supportive and helped with my grief following the loss of a close relative and the anxiety I was struggling with at work. Reflexology, helped me through IVF attempts and I genuinely believe led to a successful pregnancy. I would (and have) recommend these treatments to everyone I know and I would highly recommend Nikki who definitely helped me change my life for the better.” Vicky, Dorset.

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